Day 1: Arriving and Sponsorship party

Today was a great day. I arrived at Toronto for MTC with Miss Teenage BC, Miss Teenage Lowermainland and Miss Teenage Richmond. When we got to Centennial College, I got to meet my roommates and they are Miss Teenage BC, Miss Teenage Calgary and Miss Teenage North Calgary. Our sponsorship party was quite fun. I met a lot of amazing young girls from all around  Canada! We got sponsored by MAC Cosmetics and I can’t wait to try out the new products! Thanks to MAC Cosmetics for sponsoring us!

pink eye shadow by MAC

Golden Glitter eye shadow also by MAC


finally, a lovely pink shade of lipstick called “Silly” by MAC

Tomorrow Day 2  will be interview and photo shoot so stay tuned!

have a great day/evening!

muah ^_^




Written by: Carol

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