Today we went to  Casa Loma First. Casa Loma means Hill House. We went and got a tour of the place. In our tour we heard many ghost stories and we got a detailed explanation of the entire castle and it’s history. 

It was built for Sir Henry Pellatt. He was the commander of the Queens own Rifles. The Queens own rifles served in many famous battles of WW1. Such as the Somme. Vimy Ridge, Passendale and Amiens.

The view from the top most tower is amazing. I was spellbound by the amazing view and the garden is absolutely breathtaking. 

Then, we went to the CN Tower and took a few pictures there and headed to Yorkdale. One of the best shopping malls ever. I didn’t buy anything I just window shopped and had loads of fun with my fellow pageant girls. 

We returned back to the hotel to get ready for Dave and Busters for dinner and a night of games in the arcade. For dinner we had a delicious salad and pasta. We played games and won tickets from it. I got a Kahzoo. 

After we got back and just settled in, we got our opening number shoes. They are so lovely. They are a pretty champagne/ gold shoes and they fit me perfectly. It’s just a little big on the sides. And they are quite slippery but, the shoe color is so beautiful and I can’t wait to wear them at the final night.

Finally we got our Photoshoot pictures. Mine is so adorable and pretty.

with love,

Miss Teenage Burnaby,



Written by: Carol

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