The past month and a half has been filled with laughter, smiles, and plenty of dancing. I will dedicate this blog to everyone I worked with for all my performances and competitions.


May 4th: Richmond Chinese Community Society Heritage Fair

The Richmond Chinese Community Society is a non-profit charitable organization established in 1989 that encourage members of the Richmond Chinese community to participate in various community activities. Each year, the RCCS organizes many events for local Chinese-Canadians, and I am glad that I could be a part of them. I have been performing for the RCCS for a year now with my Latin dance teacher. This performance I was able to partake in multiple duets and group pieces! Thank you to RCCS for the opportunity, and Sunny Li, my teacher, for all your hard work!



May 7th: Burnaby Festival of Dance

Exciting, exciting, exciting! Because I am also part of the course, Dance 10, at school, we were able to perform at the Burnaby Festival of Dance, which has been held annually since 1981!

“The Festival is sponsored by the Burnaby School District and was created to provide a non-competitive forum for students from K-12 to perform and share their dances with peers, parents and friends. The festival has grown to showcase approximately 45 dances over 3 nights of performances held at Burnaby Mountain Secondary.  Approximately 1000 students participate each year. There are now several teachers teaching in the district who remember participating in the Festival of Dance when they were students!” – Burnaby School District Visual & Performing Arts website

Along with my dance class, we performed our piece, “We are done,” which illustrates a vicious marathon and all of us are fighting to get to the finish line. I had the most fun watching the little kids twirl and bounce around the stage when they performed, and I could totally see them as future super stars!

Thank you so much to Ms. Read, our dance teacher, for giving us the chance to perform for the district!


May 16th: Windermere Secondary’s Hip Hop Competition “Dancity

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May 22nd: Fraser Heights Secondary’s Hip Hop Competition “Redemption

This was our last competition of the season, and I would say it was one of the best! My crew and I gave it all out to our piece, James Bond, and you can watch our performance below.

It truly is amazing watching each of us grow, and being the president of my dance club I am so proud of our progress. Thank you Stu Iguidez, our choreographer, for such wonderful coaching, and thank you to Chelsea Pacunana and Morgan “Moose” Wilson for organizing a spectacular competition!


May 31st: “Harmonies For Hope” – a performance for BC Children’s Hospital

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June 1st: Sunny Dance Studio‘s International Children’s Day Showcase

I have been going to Sunny Dance Studio for a year now for Latin dance lessons, and we have a tradition to host a show each year on International Children’s Day, as a celebration for the younger students.

I grew up with this holiday in China and it was one of the greatest holidays each year! I luckily had the chance to celebrate it once again with my Latin dance teacher and his students, who are some of the most talented and hard-working children that I have ever seen. Ages range from 4 to 17, I cherish going to class every week to spend my time with them, to encourage them, and to support them!

Thank you to my teacher, Sunny Li, once again for everything!


June 4th: Burnaby North Secondary’s Dance Showcase

Our school’s year-end dance showcase featured all of the Burnaby North dance-enthusiasts, including the contemporary dance company, break dancers, hip hop crew, K-pop lovers, dance classes, and so many more. We finally got to show our parents our grooves and the show would not have been possible with Ms. Read, our dance teacher’s, planning. Thank you!

I have organized some of the performances my friends and I were a part of in this playlist below. Click “PLAYLIST” on the upper left corner to browse through the different dance pieces.


June 7th: Hats Off Day

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June 10th: RSYVA’s Volunteer Fair

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The fair in action.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you to EVERYONE that has made my year of dance amazing! Our year-end performances would not have been as incredible if it wasn’t for everyone’s hard work! I look forward to dancing with everyone for the next school year!


Ariel Jingjing Cao

~ muah <3 ~


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