This Sunday I did fundraising for WE Charity at my church.  I sold Donuts and Bookmarks. During my fundraising I was deeply moved by some generous people.

There was an old man who came to my stand and told me that he didn’t want anything as he is too old to read and eat sweet donuts. He asked me to explain who I was fundraising for and why. I answered that I was fundraising for WE Charity and all the money that I fund raise will go help the children get a better education and not have to start working at early ages. He gave me a $10 donation for a good cause.

There was a very generous lady. At first she donated $20 just for the cause of WE Charity because I explained to her why I was fundraising for them. She then gave me $20 dollars for two bookmarks. Since her payment was enough for 4 of the bookmarks, we tried to give her four. Then she put down another $20 and insisted her great support to me. That’s what I call a Generous and Caring heart.

When I was close to the end of my fundraising activity, I had a few donuts left and I saw some children still standing by my table, I decided to give them out for free to show my deep appreciation to my fellow parishioners.

I would like to thank all the parishioners of Saint Francis de Sales for the strong support towards me and my fundraising efforts for WE Charity.

Have a Great Summer everyone!!

Written by: Carol

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