OH CANADA!!! It’s July 1st! I was so happy to spend my afternoon with my community at the Burnaby Village Museum. This was technically my first Canada Day spent as an actual Canadian (I officially became a Canadian citizen on Friday, June 20th, 2014)!

With Burnaby's Mayor, Derek Corrigan.

Burnaby Village Museum “is a place where history comes to life.” The whole place brings you back to the 1920s and period costumed townsfolk welcome visitors to give demonstrations in the homes, businesses and shops.

All waiting for the speech to happen.

With Bob Moncur, City Manager.

With Harman Pandher, Burnaby School Board Trustee.

With Burnaby School Board Trustees.

With James Wang, School Board Trustee, and Paul McDonell, City of Burnaby Councillor.

The sun shone like a glistening jewel, giving us that Covergirl dewy & glowing look. Our parade was on fire, both literally and poetically (because we were so hot and we attracted a lot of attention hahaha). Consisted of Burnaby School Board Trustees, Burnaby MLAs, RCMP, cadets, and many other local organizations, we wended through the sea of red and white to bring beaming smiles to everyone.

So happy to see the Burnaby North MLA, Richard T. Lee, again!

The whole place buzzed with energy, and was filled with games, booths, food, and everything Canada related. You can practically see the excitement jumping out at you from the pictures!

Burnaby is the city to live if you like calming nature as well as vibrant communities. As much as this sounds like an oxymoron, it is true, in the way that we have so much greenery (tons of space for parks & golf courses) and we also have many shopping centres (eg. the ever-so-great Metrotown), multicultural cuisines, and thriving businesses. With one of the largest AP programs in Canada, and home to Simon Fraser University, Burnaby has it all, whether for educational or recreational purposes. I love Burnaby and it is truly the best place to live. Being Miss Teenage Burnaby 2014 is an honour and I wish to bring great pride to my city!

After living in Canada for seven years, the close-knit connections Canadians have with each other continue to wow me and I am proud to be part of this “cozy sweater.”

With Lynda Maeve and husband, Robin.

I was incredibly thrilled to partake in the Burnaby Village Museum Parade and Celebrations! I would like to especially thank Lynda Maeve again for organizing the event and for her generosity!

“The True North strong and free,”

Ariel Jingjing Cao

~ muah <3 ~

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