Every girl dreams of being a princess. For me, that childhood dream came true.  On March 4th I was crowned as the new Miss Teenage Burnaby. That same night after I got crowned, I literally wanted to sleep with my crown on as I was afraid that the crown would simply disappear when I woke up in the morning and the pageant would be nothing but a dream.

I would like to thank Ariel Cao and her family introducing me to this pageant and supporting me all the way through. I am very grateful for all the time and efforts from Ariel, teaching me how to walk in high heels, answering my questions and always believing in me. Angeline from Bells and Bows Bridal helped to have my evening gown delivered just in time. I truly felt like a princess in that stunning dress. Of course, I appreciate my parents for being my rocks and believing that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. With so many great loves and supports surrounding me, I believe I will rock the stage on Toronto.

After the provincial pageant, I have experienced a huge improvement in my public speaking skills. I used to be a shy and timid girl who couldn’t go three sentences in front of audience without stuttering. Now, I am a confident individual who recently got selected as a representative for my class for STMC’s very own Speech Knight. I successfully made into Top 5 for the entire Grade 9’s. It was really a great honor to be selected for this special event. About the fundraising for WE charity, I asked for help of my friends and sold donuts in the school during lunch hours. Whenever I am doing things for others who really need help in this world, I feel more responsible and powerful.

I am looking forward to Nationals in Toronto because I’m excited to meet all the delegates from all around Canada. I can’t wait to make many more new friends through this experience and come away from this pageant with unforgettable memories. I will definitely continue to promote my platform more during my reign as Miss Teenage Burnaby 2018. Stay tuned as I continue on my journey towards Toronto!


Written by: Carol

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