Today was the day where we had our official Miss Teenage Canada video shoot, photo shoot, and interview with the judges! It was exhilarating, fun, and a touch of anxious nerves, but overall I had a great day!

With makeup artist, Sabrina.

We started the day off by doing everyone’s makeup & hair, and let me tell you, these makeup/hair artists were some of the best people ever! Our makeup was sponsored by Motives Cosmetics, and getting “dolled up” was pretty much something that all of us pageant girls enjoyed. Thank you to Sabrina for my makeup, and May Hua & Chan Luu for my hair-do (check out May Hua’s Hair Design)!

With one of my hair stylists, May Hua.

Although I had to wait a while to do my video shoot, it was worth it, and I enjoyed turning around & flipping my hair for the camera (I have no clue how it turned out though haha). Soon after, I did my photo shoot, and we had a fan to blow wind through my luscious hair (thank you to May Hua again!), which was something I always wanted to do! I really look forward in seeing the final pictures!

With my other hair stylist, Chan Luu.

Then comes the interview, which was probably the most nervous-wracking segment for me for the entire pageant. To show my charisma in around ten minutes sounded like a difficult job to do, but the judges were soooo kind and friendly, I truly had an incredible time talking to them!

When the interview was done, I was able to come back to my room, to take a little rest, and to finally chill after everything! Tomorrow we will go on Breakfast Television, and we will most definitely need the sleep!

P. S. Make sure to vote for me for the People’s Choice Award (voting link here)! I have made a short video on how to vote, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU in advance for everything!

Talk to you later!

Ariel Jingjing Cao

~ muah <3 ~

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