Preliminary Night was a blast!

I loved seeing all the girls show the judges their personalities through their evening gowns. All the girls were so beautiful and stunning. I was proud to wear my gorgeous red evening gown for Bells and Bows Bridal Center in Lethbridge, Alberta. If you guys have time please check them out as they are a sponsor of MTC and they offer special prices to Pageant girls. They fill find you a dress that absolutely fits your personality and style. <—That’s the link to their website.

The swimsuits that were given to us were sponsored by Hot Water. They were so cute and fashionable. I absolutely loved strutting my swimsuit walk down the stage in the amazing swim suit and sparkly golden shoes provided by Vangelo.

Overall, Preliminary Night was a great success!

Stay Tuned for Talent and Platform Gala!


Miss Teenage Bunaby 2018,



Written by: Carol
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