We finally had the chance to sleep in (sort of), as today we were able to wake up at 7:30am to get ready for breakfast at Grenadier High Park again!

The food we ate was the typical breakfast but still quite appetizing, which included bacon, eggs, toast, and potato cubes. Although today was a bit chilly, the view was still very lovely.

We immediately came back to our hotel for some more rehearsals, and to our surprise (it seemed like nationals is big on pleasant surprises), Wright Mobile Spa Sevices ladies were here to give us manicures and hand massages! I already had my nails done so I chose to relax myself and to have a hand massage! Thank you so much!

Later on, Jill Martin, Miss Teen Canada – World 2013, showed us her ravishing strut and gave us encouraging tips on our walk. Our chaperone, Courtney Mandock, also Miss Teen Manitoba – World 2012, gave us many expert pointers as well and thank you to both of you!

There was this moment where Jill and Courtney told us all to act like wannabe 7 year old models haha, where we walked to Beyoncé, to achieve that inner sass and to showcase our confidence! We were all laughing when we did it and we had sooooo much fun over-exaggerating ourselves! Right at that instant we knew what we need to feel like when we are on stage, and after some slight toning down (LOL), we all rocked that swimsuit catwalk!

Shawn arrived soon to begin our choreography rehearsal. Our opening dance was almost done! We were just on final touch ups now!

We had our dinner at Medieval Times, and words couldn’t describe HOW GOOD IT WAS! Medieval Times was, like described in the name, a medieval themed dinner and tournament involving horses, jousting, and lots of fun! We were seated around the jousting track, and we ate delicious dinner with our hands only (no cutlery) just like how they would back in time! There were real life stunt acts being pulled off by real life human beings and animals, and we were all quite nervous when they were fighting each other with swords and other dangerous looking weapons. In the end everyone was fine of course, since they were professionals and they probably had performed the show many times already. Sparks flew when they “battled,” which was unexpected, because I always thought that when I see sparks in movies as the swords touch it was due to post-productions, but I guess not!

We were the on the red team, and the whole arena had six colour sections. Whenever our red fighting guy comes out for the duel/tricks against one of the other sections, we cheered as hard as we possibly could, an we couldn’t even keep to our seats! It was just that exciting, and we were all beaming when our guy defeated everyone, including the villain of the act! I will take my parents here some day, so that they can experience our joy as well!














We were so high when we came back onto the bus for a couple of reasons:

  1. The show & dinner were beyond amazing and we couldn’t stop talking about it!
  2. We get to sleep in until 9am tomorrow and breakfast will be brought to each of our rooms!
  3. We will do our fittings tomorrow and get our shoes & swimsuit!
  4. Tomorrow night is prelims and we just could not wait!

I will go and get my beauty sleep now, and by tomorrow this time I will be able to give some updates on my performance at prelims! Wish me luck!

P. S. Make sure to vote for me for the People’s Choice Award (voting link here)! I have made a short video on how to vote, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU in advance for everything!

“I wish I can buy a unicorn to match my crown,” says

Ariel Jingjing Cao

~ muah <3 ~

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