Woohoo! Today we woke up even later at 9:30am! Tonight was also the talent gala, where I could finally see my parents (I really miss them)! We started the day again with rehearsals and tomorrow’s show is going to be great, I can tell you now!

We got fitted with our opening number dress soon, which was white and had a lace detailing. Since we will be dancing to “Wings,” I thought white lace dresses were perfect, because we would look like angels on stage!

Thank you Shawn, our choreographer!

After more practices, we were good to go and I went downstairs to rehearse for my talent. I was doing a short piano piece and hip hop dancing. I was really nervous about my piano playing, because I performed really rarely but I wasn’t afraid of my dance at all. Michelle had kindly found an electric piano that sounded great with the sound system, and thank you for that! I tried to calm down a little more, and instead I found myself turning from anxious to overly excited!

We got ready for the talent gala, and finally the dinner had started. Jill had once again graced us with her appearance and emceeing. The room was definitely full of happy energy!

We had a buffet, and as soon as we were all done, the show had started. Honestly I could not believe how professional all the performances were! We had incredible acro dancers, energetic Latin hotties, Beyoncé-worthy singers, beautiful contemp girls, sassy hip-hoppers, amazing musicians, and so much more! I was throughly entertained, and I could tell that all the girls had put in a lot of effort to get to this level of performance!

I was hyped when it was my piece. Everything went through like a flash, and I was so thankful for such a supportive audience!

I could finally talk to my parents and introduce them to some of the fantastic girls I’ve met this week. This was a fun night and I was tired but exhilarated!

Like always, there was always something unexpected waiting to make our day even better. We got our gift bags! There was a bag full of goodies from our awesome sponsors, and I will post all about them later on my Facebook page!

Tomorrow’s the night,

Ariel Jingjing Cao

~ muah <3 ~

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