On April 9th, I accomplished a goal that took me more than 10 years to achieve: I passed my Royal Conservatory of Music piano level 10 exam. I feel quite weird about finishing this long and incredible journey where, when I was young, I would have never imagined that I could make it to the end. The thought that all my practicing was worth the time is very satisfying and overwhelming at the same time.

My feelings toward my piano are complicated. I like to describe our relationship as an old, yapping couple, as we often get annoyed with each other (oh trust me, I know my piano better than you, she loves to give me the horrendous look of why-are-you-not-practicing), but we will make up eventually and back to living harmoniously (see what I did here? haha).

This^^^, was probably one of my biggest highlights in the second week of April.

School was amusing lately as my days are filled with sonnets, hybrid orbitals, instantaneous velocity, imparfait verbs, and graphing calculators. I like to think of school as a grand game of hide and seek, where I am always the seeker, trying to hunt down knowledge from every corner of the playground. It is more fun when I look at schooling from this obscure perspective, but it makes me enjoy school and I love it when I can learn something new each day.

I love it when I keep myself busy too. I believe that if I have brains, hands, and feet then I should use them.

I am so excited to announce a project that I will be organizing with my school’s Free The Children Club, but my lips are sealed for now (I will have a cliff hanger for you all to look forward to).

I lava you 🙂

Best regards,

Ariel Jingjing Cao

~ muah <3 ~

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