Thank you to everyone who came by to the “Fun In The Sun” ~ Free The Children Fundraiser,

—> “Fun In The Sun” Official Poster

it was a success! Hannah Block and I had teamed up to make a bake sale / lemonade sale, which turned out to be exactly as we had hoped; full of laughs, music, sunshine and a great turn out!

—> Selling some goodies and lemonade at the stand

—> Miss Teen Burnaby & Miss Teen New Westminster

We had raised more then what we had originally aimed for in donations!

—> Sandy, The owner of the venue that we had used 🙂

It was a great day and I enjoyed working alongside my friend Miss Teen New Westminster and my friend Connor

—> Working hard or hardly working?

It was a pleasure working with you guys, we not only had a great time we also accomplished our goal and helped children in need!

Thank you
Until next time
~ Cecilia Ferreira – Miss Teen Burnaby – World 2012

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