Happy New Year everyone 😀

I know it has been a while since I have blogged (the last time was the day before finals night? Wow. Time goes by fast!), and since it is the end of the year, also soon to be my end of reign, I shall give you some small updates!





GUESS WHAT? I know I must have said this a million times, but it was SURREAL when my name was called for top 20 overall in the pageant, and I was also top 10 in runway, receiving a scholarship to join Top Model Search Canada 2014! Unfortunately I was not able to compete due to timing conflicts with my violin level 7 exam, and I was a little sad but, nonetheless, hey Ariel, it’s okay, you’ve got plenty of time in life to try again! 😛 Thank you again to Michelle Weswaldi, our pageant director, for giving us all these spectacular opportunities! Thank you to Christi W. and Courtney M., our chaperones, for your constant support and mentorship!

After I came back from nationals, I went and volunteered at a few more events around my community. It sure felt weird without my 56 other beautiful sisters when I did my events, but I will always remember each and every single one of their confident, encouraging smiles, especially when I am wearing my crown and sash. 🙂

Feel Good Friday at Brentwood Mall

Kensington Day Fair









Northwest Benevolent Association of Canada's (加拿大西北同乡总会) annual BBQ at Burnaby Central Park

Richard T. Lee, MLA for Burnaby North's, annual Christmas Open House










I was blessed to be casted as a model for Vancouver Fashion Week in September, and that was also a highlight of my summer! It was super cool to go behind the scenes of a real-deal fashion show, and wearing interesting couture pieces from designers around the world was another unforgettable experience indeed!

The designer, Dawson & Deveraux, was featured on Glamour and Vogue UK! http://tinyurl.com/GlamourUKVFWSS2015 http://tinyurl.com/VogueUKVFWSS2015

Walking for the wonderful designs of Lozena!











The fun didn’t stop here! On Wednesday, October 22nd, I got the chance to attend We Day Vancouver 2014, where over 20000 youths and educators took part and learned about the upcoming Year of Empowerment. I was BEYOND THRILLED when I heard that all the Miss Teen’s earned tickets to We Day (because we fundraised for Free the Children), as I had wanted to go since grade six! We Day this year also happened to have Selena Gomez as host, with appearances and performances from Macklemore, Shawn Mendes, and Jennifer Lopez! The incredible and inspiring event has taught me how much we can help to make a difference, and I guess the day could be summarized by some of my favourite quotes from awesome speakers of the day:

“We have to make good use of the time we have…seize that day!” – Orlando Bloom, celebrity ambassador for Free The Children

“You can’t do everything, but you can do something!” – Travis Price, founder of Pink Shirt Day

“Success is to inspire others…it is the key to being happy!” – Donnie Yen, celebrity ambassador for Free The Children

“We are the generation that is shaping the world from me to we.” – Marc and Craig Kielburger, founders of Free The Children  

Now off to talk about something more beauty-wise and might be beneficial to you! 😛 I am excited to introduce the wonderful Derma Bright Clinic, my new skin sponsor! They are located at suite 207- 2786 West 16th Avenue in Vancouver BC, and they specialize in facial treatments, with a goal to help their clients in achieving healthy, bright skin. I am so thankful for Estie and Sandra for the facials, the guidance, and the tips to assist me in getting a glowy complexion! I highly recommend Derma Bright to everyone, especially if you have questions or needs about skin care!

Phew that was quite the post wasn’t it! 😀

2014 marks a milestone in my life; it is a year full of change and excitement that I will never forget. Thank you to everyone for an over-the-top year!
Lots of love from your Miss Teenage Burnaby 2014,

Ariel Jingjing Cao

~ muah <3 ~





P. S. This whole year I had many media outlets writing articles about my crowning experience, and I decided to be the author behind my own story for once, in my school’s newspaper!

P. P. S. Soon enough this blog will be taken over by my successor! I am absolutely thrilled to be crowning the lucky girl! But before that, make sure you check out my new website (arielcao.weebly.com), created to document “my life journey,” and I will update it regularly for any news! Also, if you are interested to join Miss Teenage Canada, enter now before it is too late, and maybe I will see you in a month during provincials!

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