If I were given the oppurtunity to have my own television show I would choose to have a talk show called “Lets Talk”.

—> Lets Talk with Cecilia Ferreira

I would choose to have a talk show rather then a drama or a thriller series because I feel that it would best suit my personality and skills. As I am a bubbly person who loves to interact with others and be involved in my community while meeting new people and constantly learning something new and exciting, I feel that a talk show would be the perfect show for me!
“Lets Talk” Would be very much like the “typical” talk show in certain ways yet, it would differentiate in numerous other aspects. It would be similar in the ways that it would be in front on a live audience and daily guests come in to talk about various topics yet, it would be different by which my show would include an increased level of audience involvement as well as raising money for various charities bi-weekly. By this I would have a vote by the viewers and the audience by what charity or organization should be supported in the time span of two weeks as a particular goal is strived for during the various activities within the show.
The two sponsors that would be in association with “Lets Talk” would be the companies of “MAC Cosmetics” and “Aveda Institute ~ Hair School”. The companies would provide service to my show as “M.A.C.” Would provide beauty products for each of the guests in the audience as well as provide assistance to not only myself but to the guests on the show. While “Aveda ~ Hair School” would provide promotions and samplers for the guests in the audience while also providing assistance to myself as well as my guests on the show.

I would love to have the chance to meet and get to know all different kinds of people while helping out various charities and organizations simultaneously having a great time!

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~ Cecilia Ferreira – Miss Teen Burnaby-World2012

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Good work Cecilia Ferreira, 2012 Miss Teen Burnaby. But please don’t forget to link to your sponsors. Why not give MAC cosmetics and AVEDA Institute some text links

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