As the search for Miss Teen Canada- World2012 is quickly coming to a close all of those at “S-Trip” decided to give out a trip to the delegate who was crowned the “Social Media Queen” the trip of a lifetime! The contestant who wins the title of the Social Media Queen will be given a trip to anywhere in the world in which they go with their friends for a fun filled 7 days! In order to win the title one must show a talent for promoting their blogs and various other events on both the MTC-W Blogging Network as well as Facebook and Twitter.

—> Egypt’s flag (Source – Google Images)

If I were to receive the title of the Social Media Queen, I would choose to go to EGYPT!!!!

—> Egypt (Source – Google Images)

I would choose Egypt because, I have always been fascinated with the history that resides in its lands. I would love to venture out into the tombs of the once great Pharisee’s and visit the pyramids and the sphinx as well as the nile.

—> Egypt’s pyramids and sunrise 🙂 (Source – Google Images)

Another reason as to why Egypt would be the destination that I choose is because I enjoy learning about new cultures and experiencing a way of life that is different then my own.

—> Egyptian history (Source – Google Images)

The fact that it is also in a desert terrain and is always hot, sunny weather isn’t a bad thing also 😛

—> Beautiful weather and scenery (Source – Google Images)

There are so many people that I could bring with me on my trip but in particular the friends that I would like to take with me if I were to have the opportunity are some of my very best friends; Amanda, Alexandra, Cecilia, Julia, Connor, Stephanie, Gower, Mikhalia, Kristie, Emma, Jesse, Sadie, Alex, Nicole, Victoria, Ryland, Kieran, Corbin, Priyanka, Jordano, Julie and Pauline.

—> Dream Vaycay with my friends! (Source – Google Images)

I am sure with these guys with me it would be a blast!

The aspects that had drawn me to Egypt is its wonderful history, culture, historical landmarks, and the hot and sunny weather that is beautiful and perfect for those like me, who love to bask in the sun! 🙂 During my time on my vacation I would like to do an array of activities such as; Visiting the local markets, trying new foods, learning new skills, picking up some of the native tongue, visit the pyramids and the sphinx, visit the nile as well as ride a camel
—> Camel Ride in Egypt (Source – Google Images)
and go to the beach and swim in the tropic like waters. My friends would most likely enjoy participating in these activities as well while also visiting the resorts pool and doing some shopping in the market place!

If I were to have been able to travel to Egypt with my friends I think it would be one of the best times in my life! I feel that if I were to travel with friends it would be a learning experience, as we not only get to know one another better we get to know ourselves better as well. Countless memories would be made as we obtained new knowledge and life skills while having the time of our lives!

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—> S-Trip! (Source – Google Images)

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~ Cecilia Ferreira – Miss Teen Burnaby – World2012

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2 Responses to My Dream Vacation with S-Trip! MTC-W 2012 Challenge

  1. Christine Carson says:

    I hope you win! your Tweets, posts and blogging always make me smile.

    Good luck!

  2. Christine Carson says:

    I hope you win! Your tweets, posts and blog entries always make me smile.

    Good luck!

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