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I just wanted to write this blog post to share my platform with all of you. I have always believed that confidence is a major factor in being happy and successful in our lives. I find that when I believe in myself and in my abilities, I can accomplish my goals and ambitions. When I joined the Miss Teenage Canada pageant, I had a very strong sense of belief in myself. I knew I was capable of achieving this goal of mine, and I did.

However, it can be difficult to feel confident in our daily lives. We are all conditioned to worry about others and their opinions of us. It can be so hard to do the things we love if we don’t feel the approval from our families and peers. This is a lack of self-esteem, and I think that this needs to change. So many girls are pressured from a young age to be perfect. This can indirectly lead to feeling unworthy when we make mistakes.

After all that, I want to announce that my platform is to promote self-esteem and confidence in young girls and boys in my community. With this strong foundation, our youth will do things that makes them happy, and making the world a happier place!

To promote my platform, I was searching for a program that helped girls with their self-esteem. I am so fortunate to have been introduced to such a girl empowerment group by Natasha S., Miss Teenage British Columbia 2014. This empowerment group is called Sole Girls, and it was founded by an amazing person named Ashley Wiles. This 9 week program is for girls aged 8-12 that used running and discussions to help young girls learn about body image, values, confidence, media and much more. Sole Girls incorporated mini lessons with running sessions, where myself and other “soleteers” got to know each girl better.

The amazing Ashley Wiles!

For two months, I would drive all the way out to Coquitlam Centre with my mom and sister every Saturday morning to participate in this girl empowerment program. It was absolutely an honour to meet Ashley Wiles, who is an amazing mentor and taught me how I can impact others in my community. She was always so supportive of everything I did and I hope to be able to impact others the way that she impacted me. I also learned so much from the girls in the program who demonstrated their wisdom and compassion during each session. As a community project, Sole Girls collected shoes for children in third world countries, and one girl collect 300 PAIRS!! It was an indication that anyone of any age, gender or race has the ability to make a difference if they believe that they can.

So if you know of anyone who wants to join Sole Girls as a participant or a Soleteer, summer camp registration is open! I would really recommend this program and it will definitely change the way to think about yourself and others. For more information, click on this link 🙂

Confidence is not only shown on the outside, but it is shown through our actions and what we are willing to do to accomplish our goals. It is the way that we think about ourselves. I hope that I could share a little bit about me in this post, and have a great rest of May. I will be off to Kamloops in a few days for Badminton Provincials so get ready to hear more about that!



Julianne N.,

Miss Teenage Burnaby 2015

Images used with permission from Sole Girls

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