On Saturday, June 14th, I had the chance to attend Whistler Water One Climb (in support of Free The Children) on Grouse Mountain, along with my school, Burnaby North’s, Free the Children Club.

With a portion of my school's FTC Club.

This was a great initiative to raise money to provide clean water for more than 10000 people in Kipsongol, Kenya. Hundreds of youths flooded the Grouse Grind, dressed in blue and with their faces painted blue, hoping to make a difference to Kenyan children’s lives.

Why is clean water so important?

The children in Kenya have to constantly participate in a water walk, where they walk long distances per day, carrying heavy jars containing simply just water. No rivers are close to where they live, and the water they get is not promised to be clean and hygienic. In 2013, with the help from One Climb 2013, more than $110 000 was raised for the remote community of Osenetoi, Kenya, and the money was used to drill a borehole 180 metres into the ground that produced 7000 litres of water per hour.

To be able to have easy access to such an important staple of their lives can indeed create a positive change.

My wristband.


Guess who I met?

I was more than happy to find Canadian pop music artist Victoria Duffield, the visionary and activist Spencer West, 11-year-old ambassador of change Hannah Alper, and the amazing band Neverest, all there to support the cause and to cheer the participants on before they start to climb the mountain. They are the inspirations and role models of our generation!

Victoria Duffield giving a speech about her experience in Kenya.

Neverest performing a song.

Pre-Climb Rally about to start.

Victoria Duffield and I. She was my favourite from the Next Star Season 3!

Spencer West with my friend, Lily Xiong, and I.

I look forward to One Climb 2015!

Ariel Jingjing Cao

~ muah <3 ~

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