Hi everyone!
Here is an interview that I had done with Katie Chamberlain and the team down at BCIT for Organ Donation Awareness Week! It was a lovely afternoon that was filled with many laughs and facts about the reality and the importance of Organ Donation. Thank you Katie Chamberlain for the wonderful documentary that was done for Organ Donation Awareness Week! It was a pleasure to work with you and the rest of the team as I continue to help raise awareness for my platform of organ donation and for the MTC-W Pageant! Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to share my story with you!
Hope you enjoy, thank you 🙂
Till next time 🙂
~ Cecilia Ferreira – Miss Teen Burnaby – World 2012

You can watch the video by clicking this link —->
Miss Teen Burnaby Organ Donation Awareness Week Video

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