First Photoshoot!

Phew! April has been a very busy month for me with school work, playing on my school’s badminton team, studying for the SAT and running for student government! But I finally got the time to relax, wind-down and write a blog post for all of you! This post is all about the wonderful talent that Burnaby has to share.

Over the Easter Weekend, I had the chance to witness the amazing photography skills of my great friend from elementary school, Hilary. I moved schools two year ago to be in the IB program but we kept in touch and she offered to take some photos of me with my crown and sash. I was so excited to meet her after all this time and to have my first photoshoot 🙂

We went to different parks and residential areas to take photos and luckily, it was a beautiful day. Because we were out in public, my mom brought her car so that i could change outfits inside! It was funny to see people staring at me in wonder. Who is this Titleholder wearing 5 inch heels in a park?!

We had an amazing time and the pictures turned out AMAZING if I do say so myself ;). I am so grateful that my friend Hilary vollunteered her time to showcase her excellent skills.

I also had the chance to go to my first official appearance as Miss Teenage Burnaby 2015! Burnaby’s Got Talent was a talent show among the secondary schools in Burnaby. I was once a student at Miscrop Secondary in grades 8-9 and it was exciting to cheer on some old faces, and most importantly Ariel Cao, Miss Teenage Burnaby 2014! She performed a piece with salsa (I believe?), piano and violin! All the performances were INCREDIBLE and ultimately, the wnner was my good friend from Moscrop, Alex M. who performed two poems she wrote. It was very inspiring, emotional and an amazing talent.

Waiting in line before the show!

I was so happy to be living in a city with so much apparent talent. However, I know that it is more than just talent. There was so much hard work put into these performances and I acknowledge that 100%.

Thank you all for reading this post today and have a great rest of April and beginning of May 🙂



Julianne N.
Miss Teenage Burnaby 2015

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Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t been able to post on my blog or social media that much. Its spring break here in BC and I went on a road trip to San Francisco with my family. 30+ hours in the car was worth it for the view of the Golden Gate Bridge and riding a cable car!

In this blog post I will be writing about a recent workshop/reunion that I attended with members of a program called SOYL. SOYL stands for Sustainable Opportunities for Youth Leadership and it is a six week summer program that I participated in the summer of 2014 (registration for 2015 will be opening soon :)). In this program, I was able to build a garden bed at my high school, grow vegetables, lead workshops for children and even host a Farmer’s Market! After I went through this program, I became more aware of how environmental sustainability is very important for our personal health and global well-being.

In the workshop that I participated in, I learned about the art of fermenting food. Huh? What is that you ask? Well the fermentation of food involves the transformation of bacteria that is helpful for our digestion. Some common fermented foods are coffee, bread, yogurt, wine, kimchi and condiments. While we were taught to be afraid of bacteria our whole lives, I learned that bacteria can be helpful and that they make up the majority of our bodies! This workshop was organized by Andrea Potter of Rooted Nutrition and she is extremely knowledgeable about fermented foods and their health benefits. I learned how to make Sauerkraut, a food from Eastern Europe made from cabbage and salt. That’s it! BUT you can also add beets for colour, carrots and apples for extra measure 🙂

As you can see from the pictures, I started with a few whole cabbages, sliced them  thinly, added some beets for a beautiful fuchsia colour and mashed it down into a few jars. And voila! A healthy and delicious food item that can be enjoyed for a long time. I preparation for the Miss Teenage Canada, I will be trying to change my health lifestyle to be as healthy and strong as possible. In eating this fermented food, my body will be able to function better and keep me energized. Fermented food such as kimchi has always been a part of my culture but it was interesting to find other ways to get the health benefits and experience a new culture with food! I hope I will continue making and experimenting with fermented foods because it was so much fun to make and it is very useful in creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Although this post wasn’t related to the pageant, it is something interesting that has been happening in my life so far! Ill be starting school tomorrow and I’m quite excited to see all my classmates again and start working 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this long post and hope to hear from you!





With happiness,

Miss Teenage Burnaby 2015

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Hello, hello, hello! Thank you all so much for reading my very first blog post as Miss Teenage Burnaby 2015! For those of you who don’t know me personally, my name is Julianne and I am from Burnaby, British Columbia. I am so happy to be writing on this blog as a part of my reign. I have always believed that it is important to share what we have with others.

When my name was called at the Miss Teenage British Columbia Pageant as the second runner up, I felt a sense of peace and gratitude. I looked back at how far I had come in my journey to become Miss Teenage Canada. I found out about this pageant when I saw Miss Teenage Burnaby 2014 in June of 2014 at a charity event. How wonderful it is that I have become the next titleholder from the person who introduced me to this life changing experience!

Ever since I was young, I knew I was different from many of my peers. I wasn’t the type of person who would be in a large group of friends. Rather, I liked being with just a few friends who understood me and with whom I felt comfortable. I was taught at a young age to always be aware of the emotions of other people and to be grateful for what I have. I have always wanted to make a difference in the world and help those in need. In fact, my preschool teacher once told my mom that whenever anyone was crying or hurt, I would be the first one to comfort them of offer a Band-Aid!

Currently, I am in the International Baccalaureate program where I maintain a high GPA and I have been an honour role student all my life. Academics are a very important aspect of my life and I hope to study business, entrepreneurship or journalism at University. I have been on my school’s badminton team for the past 4 years and it is a way for me to stay active. Although I have lived in Burnaby all my life, I moved to Vancouver to join the IB program. During my reign as Miss Teenage Burnaby 2015, I have made the commitment to create a balance between my academics, appearances, volunteer work and extra-curricular activities. It will be a more challenging year, but along the way I will be able to have so many opportunities I may have never had the chance to experience.

Speaking of extracurricular activities, I am involved in many activities outside and inside my school. Outside of school, I tap dance three times a week at the Vancouver Tap Dance Society and I am a member of TapCo, a performance group that performs at various elementary schools. I have been tap dancing for over 10 years and I love it because I can spread joy to others while making music. I also play the piano, flute and Chinese traditional drums. I am a part of a drumming ensemble at my temple. I recently performed at the Lunar Festival in Downtown Vancouver and was able to share a part of my culture with my community. Inside of school, I am an active member of the Amnesty International club, the environment club, the Ted-Education club and my student’s council. I am also on the Vancouver District Students Council and the Vancouver School Board Sustainability Advisory Committee.

I have taken my ambition to serve my community and took action to create a difference. This is directly related to my platform, Lead From Within. I want to be able to help young girls discover their individuality to create an impact in their community. Not everyone is the same but they can all play a significant role in helping the world. Thank you for reading my first blog post and I hope to be able to inspire you all!

With gratitude,
Miss Teenage Burnaby 2015

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Happy New Year everyone 😀

I know it has been a while since I have blogged (the last time was the day before finals night? Wow. Time goes by fast!), and since it is the end of the year, also soon to be my end of reign, I shall give you some small updates!





GUESS WHAT? I know I must have said this a million times, but it was SURREAL when my name was called for top 20 overall in the pageant, and I was also top 10 in runway, receiving a scholarship to join Top Model Search Canada 2014! Unfortunately I was not able to compete due to timing conflicts with my violin level 7 exam, and I was a little sad but, nonetheless, hey Ariel, it’s okay, you’ve got plenty of time in life to try again! 😛 Thank you again to Michelle Weswaldi, our pageant director, for giving us all these spectacular opportunities! Thank you to Christi W. and Courtney M., our chaperones, for your constant support and mentorship!

After I came back from nationals, I went and volunteered at a few more events around my community. It sure felt weird without my 56 other beautiful sisters when I did my events, but I will always remember each and every single one of their confident, encouraging smiles, especially when I am wearing my crown and sash. 🙂

Feel Good Friday at Brentwood Mall

Kensington Day Fair









Northwest Benevolent Association of Canada's (加拿大西北同乡总会) annual BBQ at Burnaby Central Park

Richard T. Lee, MLA for Burnaby North's, annual Christmas Open House










I was blessed to be casted as a model for Vancouver Fashion Week in September, and that was also a highlight of my summer! It was super cool to go behind the scenes of a real-deal fashion show, and wearing interesting couture pieces from designers around the world was another unforgettable experience indeed!

The designer, Dawson & Deveraux, was featured on Glamour and Vogue UK!

Walking for the wonderful designs of Lozena!











The fun didn’t stop here! On Wednesday, October 22nd, I got the chance to attend We Day Vancouver 2014, where over 20000 youths and educators took part and learned about the upcoming Year of Empowerment. I was BEYOND THRILLED when I heard that all the Miss Teen’s earned tickets to We Day (because we fundraised for Free the Children), as I had wanted to go since grade six! We Day this year also happened to have Selena Gomez as host, with appearances and performances from Macklemore, Shawn Mendes, and Jennifer Lopez! The incredible and inspiring event has taught me how much we can help to make a difference, and I guess the day could be summarized by some of my favourite quotes from awesome speakers of the day:

“We have to make good use of the time we have…seize that day!” – Orlando Bloom, celebrity ambassador for Free The Children

“You can’t do everything, but you can do something!” – Travis Price, founder of Pink Shirt Day

“Success is to inspire others…it is the key to being happy!” – Donnie Yen, celebrity ambassador for Free The Children

“We are the generation that is shaping the world from me to we.” – Marc and Craig Kielburger, founders of Free The Children  

Now off to talk about something more beauty-wise and might be beneficial to you! 😛 I am excited to introduce the wonderful Derma Bright Clinic, my new skin sponsor! They are located at suite 207- 2786 West 16th Avenue in Vancouver BC, and they specialize in facial treatments, with a goal to help their clients in achieving healthy, bright skin. I am so thankful for Estie and Sandra for the facials, the guidance, and the tips to assist me in getting a glowy complexion! I highly recommend Derma Bright to everyone, especially if you have questions or needs about skin care!

Phew that was quite the post wasn’t it! 😀

2014 marks a milestone in my life; it is a year full of change and excitement that I will never forget. Thank you to everyone for an over-the-top year!
Lots of love from your Miss Teenage Burnaby 2014,

Ariel Jingjing Cao

~ muah <3 ~





P. S. This whole year I had many media outlets writing articles about my crowning experience, and I decided to be the author behind my own story for once, in my school’s newspaper!

P. P. S. Soon enough this blog will be taken over by my successor! I am absolutely thrilled to be crowning the lucky girl! But before that, make sure you check out my new website (, created to document “my life journey,” and I will update it regularly for any news! Also, if you are interested to join Miss Teenage Canada, enter now before it is too late, and maybe I will see you in a month during provincials!

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Woohoo! Today we woke up even later at 9:30am! Tonight was also the talent gala, where I could finally see my parents (I really miss them)! We started the day again with rehearsals and tomorrow’s show is going to be great, I can tell you now!

We got fitted with our opening number dress soon, which was white and had a lace detailing. Since we will be dancing to “Wings,” I thought white lace dresses were perfect, because we would look like angels on stage!

Thank you Shawn, our choreographer!

After more practices, we were good to go and I went downstairs to rehearse for my talent. I was doing a short piano piece and hip hop dancing. I was really nervous about my piano playing, because I performed really rarely but I wasn’t afraid of my dance at all. Michelle had kindly found an electric piano that sounded great with the sound system, and thank you for that! I tried to calm down a little more, and instead I found myself turning from anxious to overly excited!

We got ready for the talent gala, and finally the dinner had started. Jill had once again graced us with her appearance and emceeing. The room was definitely full of happy energy!

We had a buffet, and as soon as we were all done, the show had started. Honestly I could not believe how professional all the performances were! We had incredible acro dancers, energetic Latin hotties, Beyoncé-worthy singers, beautiful contemp girls, sassy hip-hoppers, amazing musicians, and so much more! I was throughly entertained, and I could tell that all the girls had put in a lot of effort to get to this level of performance!

I was hyped when it was my piece. Everything went through like a flash, and I was so thankful for such a supportive audience!

I could finally talk to my parents and introduce them to some of the fantastic girls I’ve met this week. This was a fun night and I was tired but exhilarated!

Like always, there was always something unexpected waiting to make our day even better. We got our gift bags! There was a bag full of goodies from our awesome sponsors, and I will post all about them later on my Facebook page!

Tomorrow’s the night,

Ariel Jingjing Cao

~ muah <3 ~

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Rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals, and PRELIMS! Today we woke up at 8:30am, and we were extremely thankful! We also had our breakfast delivered to our rooms, which included some very filling pancakes and yummy yogurt!

We had a full morning of rehearsals and it extended until 3pm. We have almost the whole show down, and after many many many practices our dance numbers look great too! I am so excited to show it to all of you at finals!

After that, we got our lunch (chicken fingers and potato slices) and I licked the box clean. We then went to get our hair and makeup done, with an emphasis on big hair and shining eyes! Thank you to Danielle and Anita from Academy of Hair Passion for the gorgeous hair style and I was seriously in love with this updo! Also a big thank you to Stephanie for such great makeup skills and Caitlin for the touch-ups, who were both from our sponsor, Motives Cosmetics!

We quickly got fitted for our opening number heels and our swimsuits, and they were so cute! The swimsuits were from BCBGeneration and the shoes were from Rosette. I was beyond thrilled to wear them!

Prelims was downstairs and all of us were like birds and we chirped around excitedly. Our stage was a T-stage, and I was quite happy about that because I have practiced on them before for the Khatsahlano Street Party modeling for Vancouver Fashion Week. Two of the reigning queens, Lauren Howe (Miss Teen Canada – World 2011) and Jill Martin (Miss Teen Canada – World 2013), who were here to support us and give us input on our walks. They were honestly some of the most down-to-Earth people I have ever met and they were true role models!

So I practiced for a while, before Jill announced my number and name. A funny story: when there were around four girls before me, my left eye suddenly got extremely irritated. I immediately had to take out my left eye contact! So in the end I went on stage with one blurred-visioned eye, which was so hilarious and scary at the same time because my vision was a mess! Good job for me for not falling and I think I did pretty good, despite that I probably couldn’t even see the judges’ faces clearly!

What was also interesting was that when I did my evening gown, something similar happened (and don’t worry, I already put in a new left contact). Just as I stepped onto the riser, my left heel fell out, due to bad stair-climbing HAHHA! So I stayed behind podium where Jill stood (she was the emcee), and I stomped my heart out to get my feet in place! I don’t know if the judges noticed my slight pause, or my stomping, but good thing that my dress was long! In the end I think my walk worked out, although it probably was not the best because I was still scared that my shoe would fall out!

Finally, all of us came out to do a little showcase of our beautiful dresses. Prelims was finished and off to talent gala tomorrow!

P. S. Make sure to vote for me for the People’s Choice Award (voting link here)! I have made a short video on how to vote, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU in advance for everything!

2 more days until finals,

Ariel Jingjing Cao

~ muah <3 ~

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We finally had the chance to sleep in (sort of), as today we were able to wake up at 7:30am to get ready for breakfast at Grenadier High Park again!

The food we ate was the typical breakfast but still quite appetizing, which included bacon, eggs, toast, and potato cubes. Although today was a bit chilly, the view was still very lovely.

We immediately came back to our hotel for some more rehearsals, and to our surprise (it seemed like nationals is big on pleasant surprises), Wright Mobile Spa Sevices ladies were here to give us manicures and hand massages! I already had my nails done so I chose to relax myself and to have a hand massage! Thank you so much!

Later on, Jill Martin, Miss Teen Canada – World 2013, showed us her ravishing strut and gave us encouraging tips on our walk. Our chaperone, Courtney Mandock, also Miss Teen Manitoba – World 2012, gave us many expert pointers as well and thank you to both of you!

There was this moment where Jill and Courtney told us all to act like wannabe 7 year old models haha, where we walked to Beyoncé, to achieve that inner sass and to showcase our confidence! We were all laughing when we did it and we had sooooo much fun over-exaggerating ourselves! Right at that instant we knew what we need to feel like when we are on stage, and after some slight toning down (LOL), we all rocked that swimsuit catwalk!

Shawn arrived soon to begin our choreography rehearsal. Our opening dance was almost done! We were just on final touch ups now!

We had our dinner at Medieval Times, and words couldn’t describe HOW GOOD IT WAS! Medieval Times was, like described in the name, a medieval themed dinner and tournament involving horses, jousting, and lots of fun! We were seated around the jousting track, and we ate delicious dinner with our hands only (no cutlery) just like how they would back in time! There were real life stunt acts being pulled off by real life human beings and animals, and we were all quite nervous when they were fighting each other with swords and other dangerous looking weapons. In the end everyone was fine of course, since they were professionals and they probably had performed the show many times already. Sparks flew when they “battled,” which was unexpected, because I always thought that when I see sparks in movies as the swords touch it was due to post-productions, but I guess not!

We were the on the red team, and the whole arena had six colour sections. Whenever our red fighting guy comes out for the duel/tricks against one of the other sections, we cheered as hard as we possibly could, an we couldn’t even keep to our seats! It was just that exciting, and we were all beaming when our guy defeated everyone, including the villain of the act! I will take my parents here some day, so that they can experience our joy as well!














We were so high when we came back onto the bus for a couple of reasons:

  1. The show & dinner were beyond amazing and we couldn’t stop talking about it!
  2. We get to sleep in until 9am tomorrow and breakfast will be brought to each of our rooms!
  3. We will do our fittings tomorrow and get our shoes & swimsuit!
  4. Tomorrow night is prelims and we just could not wait!

I will go and get my beauty sleep now, and by tomorrow this time I will be able to give some updates on my performance at prelims! Wish me luck!

P. S. Make sure to vote for me for the People’s Choice Award (voting link here)! I have made a short video on how to vote, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU in advance for everything!

“I wish I can buy a unicorn to match my crown,” says

Ariel Jingjing Cao

~ muah <3 ~

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Once again we had the chance to go on TV! Today we actually did two segments, and went on the Global News, in both their local and their national broadcast. During the show, names of girls were drawn out of a bowl to answer questions. I think everyone did great, considering that they answered questions similar to the on-stage questions given to TOP 5 finalists! Good job girls and way to go to show Canada that we are beautiful inside and out!

See video here:

See second video here:

We went straight to CN Tower, one of the tallest buildings on Earth, and certainly has one of the best views from above and below. I was able to see a great chunk of Toronto in miniature view (waaay better and more realistic than Google Maps). I even got to lie on the glass floor on the top of the tower, which is superrrrr tall! Surprisingly I wasn’t scared at all, as I was more curious than frightened!

After we came down from the tower, we shot a bunch of footage for our activities video, and we had a ton of fun running around, hollering, and posing for the camera! The heat was a good kind of intense and thank you so much to our videographer, Marlon, for the awesome shots!

We had one light lunch before we arrived at the Toronto Eaton Centre, where we went shopping again! Thank you for the generous $10 gift card, which I used to buy my yummy pita wrap for dinner! Us girls certainly do love Eaton, with their great variety of our personal favourite clothing brand names, including Pink, Abercrombie, Forever 21, and so much more that we didn’t even get a chance to take a look. We definitely went ballistic over their food court, because of the large assortment of food they offer and its modern simplicity in its interior design!

We got back to the hotels for some more rehearsals, and I think our dance numbers were really coming along! Tomorrow night we will be going to Medieval Times for dinner, and it looks like we will become real princesses back in time!

P. S. Make sure to vote for me for the People’s Choice Award (voting link here)! I have made a short video on how to vote, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU in advance for everything!

Stay tuned,

Ariel Jingjing Cao

~ muah <3 ~

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Words cannot describe my appreciation to everyone who has helped me during my reign as Miss Teenage Burnaby 2014! I am now at Nationals in Toronto (HOOOOORAAH) and without all of you, my journey would not have been as successful! In this post I will try my best to thank everyone (this is a near impossible task because there are so many of you but I will attempt it) and do a brief summary of the volunteer work I’ve done so far. I am proud to be representing Burnaby, and wish me luck for the next ten days!


Appearances/Events/Volunteer Work

April 26, 2014:
Richard T. Lee’s Fundraising Dinner

Thank you to Richard T. Lee!


May 10, 2014:
Teen Fest Vancouver 2014

Thank you to Ali Berman!


May 24, 2014:
Mother and Father’s Day Celebration Dinner for Cao, Cai, Zhou, Weng, and Wu Decedents

Thank you to my newly-found relatives!


May 31, 2014:
“Harmonies for Hope 2014” a benefit concert, organized be Key Club of Vancouver Westside, for BC Children’s Hospital and Canuck Place Children’s Hospice

Thank you to Key Club of Vancouver Westside and 2014 president, Davis Zhu!


Jun. 1, 2014:
International Children’s Day Annual Dance Showcase for Sunny Dance Studios

Thank you to my Latin dance teacher, Sunny Li!


Jun. 7, 2014:
Volunteered and performed at Hats Off Day for Burnaby Heights Merchants

Thank you to Casey Harrison and Jeff Scheffel!


Jun. 10, 2014:
Youth Volunteer Fair by Richmond Schools Youth Volunteer Association

With Beini Yin (centre), president of Breakers That Believe, and Cynthia Zhou (left), vice president of BTB. Thank you for the kind invitation!


Jun. 14, 2014:
Whistler Water One Climb in support of Free The Children

Spencer West with my friend, Lily Xiong, and I. Thank you to organizers of One Climb, as well as Burnaby North's Free The Children club for participating in this event!


Jun. 21, 2014:
Burnaby’s Multicultural Festival at Bonsor Recreation Centre

Thank you to Alyx for the warm welcome!


Jun. 21, 2014:
Vancouver Relay for Life for Canadian Cancer Society

Thank you to Isaac Yang!


Jun. 27, 2014:
“Art Case” a talent show/contest for young artists at International Summer Night Market in Richmond

Thank you to R Jay Gan for allowing me to make an appearance and congrats to (right in picture) for winning 1st place!


Jun. 25 to 30, 2014:
Leadership Camp 2014 at IWE Study & Consulting Inc. in Richmond (where all of our proceeds went to Free The Children)

Thank you to Michelle Shen, IWE Study staff, and all of the guest speakers!

July 1, 2014:
Canada Day Parade and Celebrations at Burnaby Village Museum

With Lynda Maeve and husband, Robin. Thank you to Lynda for giving me this great opportunity to participate in a local parade!


July 1, 2014:
Canada Day Parade in Downtown, Vancouver

Thank you to Elyse Gawley and Loni Hulme for the fantastically organized parade! Also thank you to Violeta for finding our rides sponsored by Ford West!


July 10, 2014:
Volunteered at Giro di Burnaby 2014

Thank you to Rainy Kent and Dennis Hansen!


July 11, 2014:
Feel Good Friday at Lougheed Town Centre

Thank you to Clara!


July 12, 2014:
Modelling for Vancouver Fashion Week & West 4th Avenue at Khatsahlano! Art + Music Festival

Thank you to Fiorella and Jamal!

I am sorry for not being able to fit everyone in here, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart even if you have helped me in the tiniest little ways!


Media Interview Thank you’s

I would like to thank Laura Sun and Harrison Ha from Sing Tao Daily, for the article and pictures (they did my first ever press release!). I would also like to thank Jennifer Moreau for the fantastically written article on Burnaby Now!



Thank you to Hannah’s Hair Design for my awesome hair do for provincials!

Thank you to Live Love Dancewear for their generous support!

Thank you to Specialty Nails for the discount on your manipedi’s!

Thank you to IWE Study, for hosting and organizing the Leadership Camp!


Last but not least…

I love you mommy, daddy, granny, grandpa, my aunts, my uncles, my teachers, and my friends! Honestly without all of you always behind my back I would not have come this far! Your support truly means everything to me and thank you so much for your love and care throughout my journey!

This experience would not have been as memorable and successful if Michelle Weswaldi and Christi Woolard weren’t constantly behind the scenes helping to organize the best pageant for all of us delegates. Pageants may seem easy and glamourous on the outside, but the directors work so hard to create this masterpiece to make sure that all of us contestants can have fun and learn! So THANK YOU MICHELLE AND CHRISTI!

You are ALL the best,

Ariel Jingjing Cao

~ muah <3 ~


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