Hello everyone! It is currently day 5 at the Miss Teenage Canada and I am loving it! And do not worry, I will be writing a blog post about all the various activities that we have been up to! However, this blog post will be short and sweet about our delicious lunch at the Toronto Eaton Centre.


All 82 delegates lined up two by two and entered the mall, and we were quite a sight! We headed straight to the Richtree Natural Market Restaurants where there was an array of food options that are all natural and healthy. They have four locations all across Toronto, at the Eaton Centre, College Park, Bayview/York Mills Centre and Square One Missisauga.

Eating my burrito!!

Eating my burrito!!

All the delegates were sponsored with a meal at the new Taco Truck!! I was extremely excited to see that there was a simple yet refined menu. I ordered the Hearts of Palm Veggie Burrito and it was delicious!! I loved the fermented taste of the vegetables and the combination of all the flavors were amazing 🙂 Not only that, but the staff were extremely friendly and organized despite having to feed 82 hungry girls in such a short amount of time!

Such a nice truck!

Such a nice truck!

This truck really proved that you don’t only have to eat tacos on Tuesday, but any day of the week! I urge you all to follow Richtree on their social media accounts listed below :

Website: http://www.richtreenaturalmarket.com

Facebook: /RichtreeMarket

Twitter: @RichtreeMarket

Instagram: RichtreeMarket


I am super excited for preliminaries tomorrow night and I am ready to rock it!! Thank you all for your support and I will blog very soon 🙂



Julianne N.,

Miss Teenage Burnaby 2015


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