First Photoshoot!

Phew! April has been a very busy month for me with school work, playing on my school’s badminton team, studying for the SAT and running for student government! But I finally got the time to relax, wind-down and write a blog post for all of you! This post is all about the wonderful talent that Burnaby has to share.

Over the Easter Weekend, I had the chance to witness the amazing photography skills of my great friend from elementary school, Hilary. I moved schools two year ago to be in the IB program but we kept in touch and she offered to take some photos of me with my crown and sash. I was so excited to meet her after all this time and to have my first photoshoot 🙂

We went to different parks and residential areas to take photos and luckily, it was a beautiful day. Because we were out in public, my mom brought her car so that i could change outfits inside! It was funny to see people staring at me in wonder. Who is this Titleholder wearing 5 inch heels in a park?!

We had an amazing time and the pictures turned out AMAZING if I do say so myself ;). I am so grateful that my friend Hilary vollunteered her time to showcase her excellent skills.

I also had the chance to go to my first official appearance as Miss Teenage Burnaby 2015! Burnaby’s Got Talent was a talent show among the secondary schools in Burnaby. I was once a student at Miscrop Secondary in grades 8-9 and it was exciting to cheer on some old faces, and most importantly Ariel Cao, Miss Teenage Burnaby 2014! She performed a piece with salsa (I believe?), piano and violin! All the performances were INCREDIBLE and ultimately, the wnner was my good friend from Moscrop, Alex M. who performed two poems she wrote. It was very inspiring, emotional and an amazing talent.

Waiting in line before the show!

I was so happy to be living in a city with so much apparent talent. However, I know that it is more than just talent. There was so much hard work put into these performances and I acknowledge that 100%.

Thank you all for reading this post today and have a great rest of April and beginning of May 🙂



Julianne N.
Miss Teenage Burnaby 2015

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