I thought I’d share with you 5 interesting facts about me as there is only 5 days left to Miss Teenage Canada.

  1. I love Social Studies. Especially the History! I can recite all 23 prime ministers of Canada in less than a 30 seconds. Image result for all 23 prime ministers of canada
  2. I am an accomplished athlete. I am a proud member of Burnaby Mountain Mantas Swim Club, a former figure-skater for Burnaby Figure Skating Club, and a member of my school’s Curling Team in 2017. In my free time I love to play Tennis and and Badminton and Dance. Currently I am a Dancer for Dance Collective.
  3. I love to travel. So far, I have traveled to China, Las Vegas, Hawaii and Canada East. Thank you mom for taking me to all those places. It has helped me to see the world outside of my hometown.In the Chinese Zodiac I am supposed to be born in the year of the sheep but, since Chinese New Year was on February 1st I was born one day early and became a horse. I am also a proud AquariusImage result for chinese zodiac horseImage result for aquarius zodiac
  4. I love to read. I love reading because of the important life lessons that I can learn from books. My favorite book is where the mountain meets the moon.  It teaches me to be Helpful in a friendship and always help my friend out when they need it. And it also teaches me to cherish and be thankful for everything that I have and not complain about the life I have because fate is not something I can control.Image result for where the mountain meets the moon

With Love,


<Muah ^_^

Written by: Carol

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